Most Recent Work

This gallery contains my most recent explorations.  

Conversation Pieces

There is an art to conversation.  This gallery is filled with images influenced by the many forms of conversation that exist between people or within ourselves. The use of text is predominant in this series of work.

Pointless Conversation.jpeg


When we are joyous , we hear the music.  When we are in need, we hear the lyrics.


A collection of works that range in scope from recognizable imagery, to completely non-representational pieces that explore the elements and principles of art.  Each work represents a narrative for the artist.  The hope is that the art  will create one for the viewer as well. 


We find art all around us throughout our lives.  This gallery holds a few pieces that were created by incorporating these wondrful finds into my work. 


This gallery contains spherical works which offer complex images which callenge the viewer to look with concentration into the art to find sources that may range from nuclear to universal.


The tree has long been the source of artistic inspiration.  This gallery contains a recent birch tree collection.  I try to expand upon a familiar image so that the viewer is invited explore the subtle intrcacies that lie beyond the birch.


Landscape charcoal drawings depicting the infinite formations of Mother Nature.

Ale Art

Multimedia paintings created with different hues of craft beer. 

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